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I am trying to integrate kiip in my android app . I have downloaded the latest sdk and sample example from https://kiip.me/ developers site . Also ,I have created a new app in kiip.me site.

Everything is fine but the problem is , I am getting KPResource null so showing No Promo . Here is the listner that I am using in onStart() method:

 public void onStart() {
            // The Activity context has been created by now, so start a new session.

 private KPRequestListener<KPResource> mStartSessionListener = new KPRequestListener<KPResource>() {

        public void onFinished(KPManager manager, KPResource response) {
            if (response != null) {
                toast("Start Session Finished w/ Promo");
            } else {
                toast("Start Session Finished No Promo");

            // Start retrieving user's location
            new LocationHelper(ExampleApplication.this).requestLocationUpdates(mLocationListener);

Here the response is always null , so getting the message : Start Session Finished No Promo . If anyone has got similar problem then please share your views.

Thanks in advance.

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Finally, the issue has been resolved. I think the problem was with my device , when I tested it next day with some other device, It worked for me.

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Have you enabled promos for test devices in the dashboard on https://kiip.me?

It sounds like it could be a settings issue on the server side. Try logging in and switching promo frequency and adding your test device.

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