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Is it possible to change filenames in svn using wildcards?

for example: svn rename *.ext1 *.ext2?

or using Tortoisesvn?

thank you.

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Not directly. But you can use standard scripting tools with command-line Subversion to achieve what you want. Using PowerShell for example, this command changes the base name of every C# file in the current directory from x to x_old, noting that svn mv is the rename command in Subversion.

ls *.cs | % { svn mv $_.name ($_.name -replace ".cs", "_old.cs") }

From that starting point you can get more elaborate. Get-ChildItem (aka ls) provides a -recurse option so you can operate on an entire subtree, not just the current directory. (In that case you will need to use $_.fullname rather than $_.name, of course). For more sophisticated matching needs, you could go to regex matching with .NET using the [regex]::Replace() method instead of the -replace operator.

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Well i expected svn to have a built in solution for this, but its a good idea. Thank you. –  CloudyMarble Feb 6 '12 at 5:16

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