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We have setup a Magento store using Magento 1.6

Our client has some specific requirements when certain products are shipped to Pennsylvania.

  • Footwear and clothing are Tax exempt.
  • Accessories and Bags are charged 6% Tax.
  • 6% Tax is charged on shipping costs.
  • Free shipping is offered if order total is $199 or more.

There are some other requirements when items are shipped to other countries and states. In order to achieve all that, I have set up some shopping cart rules.

Everything is fine but our client is not happy with the display of tax on the cart and checkout pages.

As all items are tax exempt to all destinations except when bags and accessories are shipped to Pennsylvania, we have set up tax zones and rates and tax rules to apply 6% tax on all products when they are shipped to Pennsylvania. Let's suppose there are 2 taxable items and 2 tax exempt items and they are being shipped to Pennsylvania, each $100. So subtotal is $400. So the store first applies 6% tax on subtotal and then checks if there are tax exempt items in cart (in this case there are 2 worth $200). So a shopping cart rule applies 6% discount on these two items to deduct it from tax. So the display looks like as follows

  • Subtotal $400
  • Discount (on tax exempt items) -$12
  • Tax $24
  • Grand Total: 412

The Grand total is correct, but our client does not want Discount to be shown on screen and secondly Tax amount should be 6% of only taxable items. So the client wants tax display to be as follows

  • Subtotal $400
  • Tax $12
  • Grand Total 412

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('totals'); ?>


The above line in info.phtlm file fetches the tax display table but I don't know where the contents of this function are?

I have been trying to modify renderTotals($area = null, $colspan = 1) function in public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/Block/Cart/ folder but it breaks the display.

Could anyone please help me to achieve this?

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