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how to use custom control in Jqgrid for Field. example in add/edit popup I have a date field and i Want use persionDatePiker, How do these settings?

Thanks all,

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Yoou need to set edittype to custom and provide custom_element and custom_value functions. Example from documentation:

function myelem (value, options) {
  var el = document.createElement("input");
  el.value = value;
  return el;

function myvalue(elem, operation, value) {
    if(operation === 'get') {
       return $(elem).find("input").val();
    } else if(operation === 'set') {

   colModel: [ 
            custom_element: myelem, 

But in order to integrate e.g. jQuery UI Datepicker I used the following code:

    label: 'Start time',
    editable: true,
    editoptions: {
        dataInit: function (e) {

See Common Editing Properties for details.

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,I write a control using jQuery for PersianToolpack, how do I use it? i Use thanks – Pouya Feb 2 '12 at 19:23

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