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System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand has methods




for asynchronous execution.

System.Data.IDbCommand only has


which are for synchronous operations only.

Is there any interface for asynchronous operations ?
In addition, why is there no BeginExecuteScalar ?

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No there are not interfaces for them

The reason why there is not a BeginExecuteScalar is because you probably won't need an async call to get one single value back which should be very quick

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That "one value" might involve 50 tables, a couple of views, maybe some stored procs etc.. It's most likely not the reason :) –  Onkelborg Feb 2 '12 at 12:38
That is the only reason I can give to myself and I think it is quite resealable..If for getting one value form your db you need to involve 50 tables there is something wrong with your schema and an async call won't help :-) –  Massimiliano Peluso Feb 2 '12 at 12:51
@Massimiliano Peluso: Granted in 95% of cases you are right. But if you have such a schema, there is no way to change it on short notice, which only increases the necessity for an async method. –  Stefan Steiger Sep 12 '12 at 8:40

Actually, creating async behavior equivalent to BeginExecuteNonQuery, EndExecuteNonQuery, etc. would be rather difficult task. Implementation of these APIs are far superior to simple spawning a separate thread, waiting for the database response and invoking callback. They rely on the I/O overlapping and provide much better thread economy. No additional threads are consumed for the duration of the network hop, database processing of the command - which is probably 99% of the overall time spent on the call. For a couple of calls it makes no difference, but when you designing a high throughput server, thread economy becomes very important.

I was wondering myself why BeginExecuteScalar is missing. Also, most of other providers, including ODP.Net for example, have no async API at all!

And yes, there is no interface for async operations.

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You may implement async behavior by your custom code, since it is not so complicated, as for your question - there is no any standard async operations for your goals.

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Even if your are retrieving "one value" most of the time will be spent on 1) network hop to the database server, 2) database server executing command. Much more time than you will spend on say reading 1000 records into data set. So, I agree, it's not clear why there is no BeginExecuteScalar...

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