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I have developed a Blackberry app in Blackberry JDE. It is working fine in simulator. As I have used different API which need signing key, I try it to 'Signature Tool' so that I can run it in device. Initially the Signature Tool was showing like below.

enter image description here

When I 'Request' for signature, all the row having 'Not Signed' status, successfully converted to 'Signed'.

enter image description here

Now when I install the app in my Blackberry device and try to run it, it gives massage "Error starting Certainteed: Module 'Certainteed' attempts to access a secure API.". I think this massage should come only for not signed Cod file. Is there any problem in my signing process?

N.B. I am using Blackberry JDE 4.6 and Blackberry Curve 8520 (software version

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It looks to me as if you haven't installed all of your signing keys, only the RBB signing key.

When you requested your signing keys you should have received 3 emails in response, each containing a different signing key:


You need to install all 3 keys

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