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I am trying to implement Basecamp API in Android application. I am trying to rename the url from .xml extension to .json. It is working fine for some of the web services like peoples, Companies etc.

But when I try to get the json response of the particular company then it is giving me response in xml, though I am requesting for json.


String url =  "https://"+ domain +"/companies/" + companyId +".json"

and also Same for

"https://" + domain + "/projects/count.json".

Also I am trying to implement for below links it is not giving me result in json(is it giving blank response) but if I change the extension from .json to .xml then it is working fine for me and giving me response in XML

 1. "https://" + domain + "/projects/" + projectid +

 2. "https://" + domain + "/todo_lists.json?responsible_party=" + id

 3. "https://" + domain + "/projects/" + projectId +

 4. "https://" + domain + "/projects/" + projectId +

I am using a Rest full API for connection with Restful web service.

I don't know why I am not getting json response from the web service.

Please help me out.

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need your help here stackoverflow.com/questions/13858098/… – Kartik Dec 14 '12 at 7:32
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Looking at their API docs, they don't seem to support JSON responses.

The Basecamp API is implemented as vanilla XML over HTTP using all four verbs (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE)

Some routes maybe returning json - probably they're working on json responses & is not rolled out yet. But the docs say it's XML, so you're stuck with XML for now.

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But in the discussion groups.google.com/group/37signals-api/browse_thread/thread/… supports some JSON request. – Dharmendra Feb 2 '12 at 12:33
@Dharmendra - "we make no guarantees about it". That pretty much sums up my answer too. – Sathya Feb 2 '12 at 12:41
Yeah that is true. – Dharmendra Feb 2 '12 at 13:12
SO Sathya What should I do, work with XML or JSON?I already implemented some services with JSON so Should I have to change them to XML ? – Dharmendra Feb 3 '12 at 3:38
@Dharmendra you should change to XML. Until and unless they officially announce json, I wouldn't use it because you never know when they'd make it stop. – Sathya Feb 3 '12 at 4:37

You may try adding 'Accept' in the requests headers something like

Accept : application/json
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I already added Accept to application/json – Dharmendra Feb 2 '12 at 12:36

It seems like you are using Basecamp Classic API which does not support JSON response.

The all-new Basecamp has all-new API supporting REST-style API that uses JSON for serialization and OAuth 2 for authentication. You can find it here (https://github.com/37signals/bcx-api).

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