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Is it possible to generate a new image name for each image that is processed using the following code (I have highlighted the relevant section)?

public static void makeBinary(File image) { 
    //Read in original image. 
    BufferedImage inputImg = ImageIO.read(image);

    //Obtain width and height of image.
    double image_width = inputImg.getWidth();
    double image_height = inputImg.getHeight();

    //New images to draw to.
    BufferedImage bimg = null;
    BufferedImage img = inputImg;

    //Draw the new image.      
    bimg = new BufferedImage((int)image_width, (int)image_height, BufferedImage.TYPE_BYTE_BINARY);
    Graphics2D gg = bimg.createGraphics();
    gg.drawImage(img, 0, 0, img.getWidth(null), img.getHeight(null), null);

// ************* THIS IS WHERE I AM HAVING DIFFICULTY ***************

    //Save new binary (output) image.   
    String temp = "_inverted";
    File fi = new File("images\\" + temp + ".jpg");
    ImageIO.write(bimg, "jpg", fi);

// ******************************************************************

 catch (Exception e){

I have 300 images, numbered 001.jpg - 300.jpg, and what I would like is for each new outputted image to be named something along the lines of, binary_001.jpg - binary_300.jpg.

The method that calls makeBinary() is located in another class and is:

public static void listFiles() {

    File dir = new File("images");
    File imgList[] = dir.listFiles();

        for(File img : imgList){
                System.out.println(img + ": processed successfully.");
                System.out.println("Directory detected; skipping to next file,");

How can I go about achieving this?

Many thanks.

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Get the filename from your File image parameter and add it to the new filename:

String temp = image.getName() + "_inverted";
File fi = new File("images\\" + temp + ".jpg");
ImageIO.write(bimg, "jpg", fi);
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You probably want to strip the ending from image.getName() first though. Also for platform independence sake I wouldn't use "images\\" but "images"+File.seperatorChar() –  stryba Feb 2 '12 at 12:33
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You can just concatenate name from the original image (in your code 'image' you pass to ImageIO with the string "_inverted", this way you would have original name for each image you process: image.jpg -> image_inverted.jpg

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File fi = new File("images\\" + "binary_" + image.getName());

Should do the trick.

Or even better:

File fi = new File(image.getParent(), "binary_" + image.getName());
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