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I'm trying to upload files directly to Amazon S3. I have tried using Uploadify and Plupload. Both have their merits. However, I've found both to be incompatible with older browser versions. Particularly IE 7, 8 and 9. I've also tested with Firefox 3.6. Really glitchy...

I looked at FancyUpload, which is fully compatible with all A-Grade Browsers (Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 9, Firefox 1.5+ and Safari 3+) with Adobe Flash 9 and 10 player.

I've tried this uploader with Firefox 3.6 - 10, and IE 7, 8 and 9. NO PROBLEMS. The only thing, is that this is using MooTools, instead of jQuery. I know there are ways to integrate jQuery and MooTools. But before this approach, I would like to consider other options.

Does anyone know a good uploader script that is reliable (paid or unpaid)? Either in pure JS or jQuery?

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use swfupload

with jquery plugin

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This looks like a good candidate:


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have you tried this one?


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Seconding SWFUpload - very nicely implemented and easy to get up and running.

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