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I have some simple C# application (single form) originally written in VS on win. Now i have opened it with mono develop and i got that warning and error:

Warning: Assembly 'System.Deployment' not found. Make sure that the assembly exists in disk. If the reference is required to build the project you may get compilation errors. (Tring.Fiscal.Primjer)
Error: The compiler appears to have crashed. Check the build output pad for details. (Tring.Fiscal.Primjer)

Any idea how to compile this app under linux?

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The assembly System.Deployment is not implemented in Mono, and AFAIK there are no plans for it to be. Try to remove it from the project's references, it might build without it - if it doesn't, then you have to rewrite the code that depends on it (there shouldn't be much of it, and it will be Windows-specific anyway).

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System.Deployment is said to be present in Mono 4.0 [1] but I get Reference 'System.Deployment' not resolved Any idea why? [1]… – marmistrz May 17 at 10:17
'last updated: 1175 days ago' I'm afraid those pages aren't of much use anymore. – skolima May 19 at 11:26

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