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Why do I get the error-message?

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use warnings;
use 5.012;

use ORLite {
    package     => 'My::ORM',
    file        => 'sqlite_test.db',
    create      => sub {
        my $dbh = shift;
        $dbh->do('CREATE TABLE user ( name TEXT NOT NULL, age INTEGER )');

say My::ORM::User->table;

my $user = My::ORM::User->create( name => 'Alpha', age  => 23, );


Can't locate object method "create" via package "My::ORM::User" at ./ line 16.
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You are trying to use a method which is only available on tables that have a PRIMARY KEY.

Fix the creation query and that will work:

$dbh->do('CREATE TABLE user ( name TEXT PRIMARY KEY, age INTEGER )');
#                                       ^^^^^^^^^^^
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