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I'm trying to write JUnit tests for a stateless session bean that has an injected EntityManager:

public class MyServiceBean implements MyService, ... {
    private EntityManager em;

Of course, without doing anything, em remains null in the flow of the test...

The tests should run standalone (NOT in a Java EE container).

How do I do that please? (simple solutions will be most appreciated :-)

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Simple answer is don't do that, if you want to have persistence context injected like in the real working application, use embedded/external server for testing. More info about testing EJBs and JPA you can find here: Best current framework for unit testing EJB3 / JPA

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If you want to test your data access logic (criteria code, jpql queries, etc) what I'd do is using HSQLDB. There is no need to mock the EntityManager or have a Java EE container and it integrates nicely with the build process.

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