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I am trying to implement my app in different languages. Text changes are fine but i didn't get any idea of that images are retrieving with respect to selection of locale(custom).

i follow the below code:

My string are put in resource folder: res/values-xx /string.xml

        Locale locale=new  Locale("xx");
        Configuration config = new Configuration();
        config.locale = locale;

This is working fine for text. Let me know how to implement this. I just tried to put images in res/drawable-xx/some.png ,but it doesn't working for me. Please give me some suggestions..

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This post may provide some insight on how your folder structure should be:

Localization and drawables

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Yes Finally i got the solution for it.Here xx is Language code. This is very simple by declaring layout as layout-xx and your drawable folder should be declared as drwable-xx.

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