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My app have a navigation bar on the top, and a tab bar on botton, over a mapview. I need a way to filter some pins of the mapview. So, i`m trying to add a bar or something like that, under the navigation bar.

This bar will have 2 text views and a button to perform the filtering job. I need this bar to be retractile by pressing a button on my navigation bar.

If I run the project that way i get this:

The bar is floating in the wrong place. =s

I`m making it right? Or can I make it in another 'best' way?

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You have to have an IBOutlet to the toolbar in your controller, and once the view is loaded, e.g. viewDidLoad, adjust its coordination, i.e. x and y to hide it. Then, you can add a UIBarButtonItem that when triggered, it calls a toggle method to show or hide the toolbar, e.g.

- (IBAction)toggleToolbar {
 if (toolbar.isInView)
    [self hideToolbar];
    [self showToolbar];

- (void) hideToolbar {
// implementation to hide the toolbar

- (void) showToolbar {
// implementation to show the toolbar
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without a bit of code is difficult to say where you're wrong. In the meantime, I suggest another solution: add a barbuttonitem to the navigationbar that open a modal view where you can put the two thextfield and the button; so you have more space for the map e graphically is more "attractive".

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