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I have a form that use displayFieldError when submitted to display errors on fields. I need to show/hide a container on certain error conditions, is possible to chain a js action on it?

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What kind of container? Try calling $this->downCall('loadPOST'); $this->downCall('validate');. Then you can mess with $form->errors. You can also re-define submit() completely with a copy of Form_Basic::submit, then tweak it the way you like. – romaninsh Feb 3 '12 at 1:01
The problem isn't for the container but on the displayFieldError. Internally it executes a thing like this $f->js()->atk4_form('fieldError',$field->short_name,$message)->execute(); and is impossible to add other js actions to it without reimplementing all the method... – The Elter Feb 3 '12 at 8:07
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Extending and redefining methods is a normal practice in Object Oriented development. Besides, you can do that globally by creating this:

class Form extends Form_Basic {
    function displayFieldError(){
        .. your actions ..

This will work across your project and will not loose any functionality.

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all Views in Agile Toolkit carries a jquery class and is capable of calling jquery and is also chainable.

BUT the object extending the view class MUST implement an ID=NAME attribute in its HTML template.

here's an example of a view, a Text object which will not get hidden:

 $t=$this->add('Text')->set('Press Buton To Hide Me');
    $t->js()->hide() // hide it
    )->univ()->successMessage('Hiding Text..'); // js chained

its clear that Text objects has javascript capability but will not work on itself, even attaching a click command will NOT work.

here's another example of a view, an extended HtmlElement class which WILL get hidden:

 $t=$this->add('P')->set('Press Buton To Hide Me');
    $t->js()->hide() // hide it
    )->univ()->successMessage('Hiding Text..'); // js chained

inspect both sources and you will immediately see the difference.

therefore, make sure that the container you are referring to is a class extension of the View class and its associated Template has an id="<?$_name?>" implementation in it.

i am not sure of any other simpler way.

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also, you may want to check my answer here: SO-ATK4-Q&A taking note of the beforeModify() function which implements a js() version of the fieldError and appropriately chain additonal js calls to it. – Open Technologist Feb 3 '12 at 4:15
I'm not having a problem with the container (it has id) but I was asking if there is a way to add js to error handling without reimplement completely displayFieldError method. – The Elter Feb 3 '12 at 8:10

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