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I've been braking my brain tryig to figure out how to model this, instead of going on low level php. So I have these models/tables:

Student (id,name). Program (id, name, startdate, enddate, firstpaymentDueDate, qtyOfPeriods, price).

I have to register the application of a student into a program that consist on several months. So I want to populete a table: paymentSchedule (id, student_id, dueDate, amount) Since one program can have upto 10 periods, I would need to add auto 10 records in the paymentSchedule for each student application. My question is if this can be modeled?

I would leter use the paymentSchedule to take records for payments and insert them into a transactions table.

Thanks for all your support, and thanks for developing such great toolkit!

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SHORT ANSWER: YES, you can model this in ATK4

You basically have all the tables perfectly set up.

To create a model, simply create a file Student.php and place it in your /lib/Model/ folder.

 class Model_Student extends Model_Table {
    public $entity_code = 'Student';

    function init() {

       $this->addField('name')->caption('Student Name');

You can do the same for your other tables:

Program (id, name, startdate, enddate, firstpaymentDueDate, qtyOfPeriods, price) and paymentSchedule (id, student_id, dueDate, amount)

To know more about models, i suggest you read the intro:

Processing a table, like paymentSchedule is a different story altogether. You need DSQL (Dynamic SQL) to do this.

Assuming your Program table is in a model class named Model_Program. To retrieve an entry:

 $m = $this->add('Model_Program');
 $v = $m->dsql()
    ->where('id=',$programid) // specific program

 $m = $this->add('Model_PaymentSched');
 $r = $m->dsql()
    ->set('student_id',$studentid) // specific student

This will retrieve an entry for a particular program and then insert it in the payment schedule:

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Thanks, I was -don't know why- trying to do everything with MVCForm, and was not considering a regular form and simply do_insert on my dsql... You opened my eyes. Thanks! – mcanedo Feb 3 '12 at 17:18
thank you, you're welcome.. and i also understand your dillemma.. i've also started trying ATK4 just Dec last year.. and i learned that the stumbling block is how i am to put all these examples and combine it with the ideas in my head and make a functional end-to-end application.. the piece-by-piece example is good and interesting and works.. but putting them all together seems like a maze for first time users.. :) – Open Technologist Feb 4 '12 at 6:27

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