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I haven't done this in quite a few years and forgot. Had to look up the onchange and cookie use too.. Anyways, I want the cookie to save the selected value during the onChange. I know there are better ways to do this i.e. with POST, but I cannot alter the rest of the page and code.

<table style="background-color: #FFDD18;" width="100%" class="yearSelect"><tr>
<td><b>Select Year: </b>

<select name="yearEffSelect" id="yearEffSelect"
<option value='2001'>2001</option>
<option value='2002'>2002</option>
<option value='2003'>2003</option>
<option value='2004'>2004</option>
<option value='2005'>2005</option>
<option value='2006'>2006</option>
<option value='2007'>2007</option>
<option value='2008'>2008</option>
<option value='2009'>2009</option>
<option value='2010'>2010</option>
<option value='2011' selected>2011</option>


So, question: What code goes in "__WHAT_GOES_HERE?__" ?

Something along the lines of document.getId('yearEffSelected').getValue() ?

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You can use


to get the selected value.

This is assuming you have a function named setCookie that already exists.

share|improve this answer simple. Thanks. It works. – elcool Feb 2 '12 at 15:14

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