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Hi I have a input box that needs to be cloned up to six times, according to the .clone() function, i can do this, but if the input name has to be changed, how to do this.


<label for="input">
 <input name="input" id="input" type="text">

<a href="#" onClick="cloneInput()">Add Another Input</a>

So let's say when a new input is created it should add an increment to the name and id, ie: name="input2" id="input2" and so on, each time the object is cloned.

Anyone have any suggestions on the best/easiest way to do this with jQuery?

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Where is the code for cloneInput? –  James Montagne Feb 2 '12 at 14:57
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First of all remove inline event handling use jQuery and instead of using clone you can try this.


<div id="inputContianer">
   <label for="input">
     <input name="input" id="input" type="text">

<a class="cloneInput" href="#">Add Another Input</a>


   var count = 1;
       var id = 'input' + (count++);
       $('<label />', { for: id })
       .append($('<input />', { id: id, name: id, type: "text" }))

       return false;
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Even if clone() is being used this is the right approach. I was in the process of typing up something similar on jsbin. –  Sorpigal Feb 2 '12 at 15:14
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In your cloneInput function you can assign values to attributes to the elements like so:

$('input').last().attr('name', 'a_new_name');

This example would find your last input field an assign it a new name. The same works for ids, values etc. Look it up: http://api.jquery.com/attr/

Or as James pointed out, it works directly after clone() too:

$('#clone_me').clone().attr('id', 'im_the_clone');
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You wouldn't need to use last, simply chain it along with the .clone(), no need to search the DOM when you already have a reference to it. –  James Montagne Feb 2 '12 at 14:58
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It seems to work like this :

    var c = 1;
    function cloneInput() {
              .attr('id', 'input'+c)
              .attr('name', 'input'+c)
              .wrap('<label for="input'+c+'"/>');

<label for="input">
 <input name="input" id="input" type="text">

<a href="#" onClick="cloneInput()">Add Another Input</a>

<div id="clones"></div>
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