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I am setting up a system where polygons shapes morph into each other. I have got this working using svg animate, and by feeding new values into the "points" attributes on click of the object.

However I need to advance this so that the object morphs when a HTML button (or element) clicked.

As an example, this is what I aim to achieve:

I have four buttons on-screen (1, 2, 3, 4), and to the side of them, the polygon. 1 represents a larger polygon, through to 4 which is the smallest polygon.

I would like the page to load, displaying polygon 1. When 2 is clicked the polygon would morph slightly smaller until polygon 2 is achieved. There would be the option for the user to click on any button, and the polygon would morph from the current selection to the desired one, therefore being fluid through all possible selections.

My questions is how would I enable the animation using a html button or element?

I believe that once I know this, I would be able to create 4 animate tags for each button, so that the points attribute will be replaced with that of the new shape...

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I recently commented on a question that had code that did what you wanted: sample

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