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When I'm adding a div to body, it's returning the body as the object and then whenever I use that - it's obviously using body. Bad.


var holdyDiv = $('body').append('div');
$(holdyDiv).attr('id', 'holdy');

The 'id' of holdy is now being added to body... eh? What am I doing wrong.

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jQuery methods returns the set they were applied on.

Use .appendTo:

var $div = $('<div />').appendTo('body');
$div.attr('id', 'holdy');
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That seems to add it in the right place but return every object? as when I set the holdyDiv id it has changed every id to holdDiv. – waxical Feb 2 '12 at 15:07
It will return the DIV element just appended and apply the id to this element only. – Didier Ghys Feb 2 '12 at 15:09

Instead use use appendTo. append or appendTo returns a jQuery object so you don't have to wrap it inside $().

var holdyDiv = $('div').appendTo('body');
holdyDiv.attr('id', 'holdy');

.appendTo() reference:

Alernatively you can try this also.

$('<div />', { id: 'holdy' }).appendTo('body');
             (Here you can specify any attribute/value pair you want)
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Using jQuery appendTo try this:

var holdyDiv = $('<div></div>').attr('id', 'holdy');
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$('</div>').attr('id', 'holdy').appendTo('body');
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var $div = $('<div />').appendTo('body');
$div.attr('id', 'holdy');
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    $('body').append($('<div/>', {
        id: 'holdy' 
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