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I'm trying to learn how to join multiple columns from one table to a single column from another table.

This is my table structure in its simplest form:


id | team_name |
1  |   teamA   |
2  |   teamB   |
3  |   teamC   |
4  |   teamD   |


id |  team_1 (FK to  |  team_2 (FK to  |
1  |            1              |              2            |
2  |            3              |              4            |

This is my current SQL which joins trades.team_1 to

SELECT teams.team_name AS team1, teams.team_name AS team2, trades.team_1, trades.team_2
FROM teams
JOIN trades ON (trades.team_1 =;

My question is, how do I create a second join that also joins trades.team_2 to

This would mean both trades.team_1 AND trades.team_2 would be joined to

The results I want to get back would be:

team1  |  team2  |  team_1  |  team_2  |
teamA  |  teamB  |    1     |     2    |
teamC  |  teamD  |    3     |     4    |
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Like this:

select t1.team_name as team1, t2.team_name as team2, t.team_1, t.team_2
from trades t
inner join teams t1 on = t.team_1
inner join teams t2 on = t.team_2;
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Jeez, 10 seconds apart and we had damn near the same answer. =) – Crontab Feb 2 '12 at 15:23
Everybody who responded rocks. Seriously, thanks to each of you for responding so quickly. All answers were similar and all will do the trick. Thanks again folks! – Critter Feb 2 '12 at 15:39
thanks for your help in need – spr 19 hours ago
SELECT t1.team_name AS team1, t2.team_name AS t2, tr.team_1, tr.team_2
FROM trades tr
INNER JOIN teams t1 ON = tr.team_1
INNER JOIN teams t2 ON = tr.team_2
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Try joining the teams table again but using two different aliases:

    teams1.team_name AS team1,
    teams2.team_name AS team2,
FROM trades
JOIN teams AS teams1 ON trades.team_1 =
JOIN teams AS teams2 ON trades.team_2 =
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You need to join twice:

SELECT t1.team_name as team1, t2.team_name as team2, trades.team_t, trades.team_2 
FROM teams t1, teams t2, trades 
WHERE = trades.team_1 and = trades.team_2
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