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MVC3 Web site displays (razor ) views normally in most cases but when browsing to some views the complete web page ( header to footer ) is displayed twice in the same browser window one page on top of the other. And then nothing on either page works correctly.

Has anyone seen this strange behavior in MVC3 razor before? What could cause this behavior?


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is it predictable enough that you can debug when it happens? – Zach Green Feb 2 '12 at 15:34
Are you using @Html.Partial or @ Html.RenderPartial anywhere? – Nick Bork Feb 2 '12 at 15:42
Zach, Yes it always does this when browsing to paticular views now. I thought somehow it might be calling the controller's function for that view twice but it only hits the function once in debug. – Orgbrat Feb 2 '12 at 15:44
Splash-X, Yes I am using @Html.Partial in the _Layout page for Logon, Search and Footer code blocks – Orgbrat Feb 2 '12 at 15:48
Splash-X, But those code sections have been working correctly for weeks. Although I could have changed something else that could have had some strange effect. – Orgbrat Feb 2 '12 at 15:57

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Use F12 developer tools to debug this. Compare IE/FF/Chrome. I've found some anomalies in IE9/CSS - mostly missing elements or a few elements duplicated. I have never heard of entire pages being duplicated. FF/Chrome didn't show the missing/duplicate element behavior. If you can come up with a small repro in IE9 (that renders correctly in FF/Chrome), send it to me and I'll forward it to the IE team.

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