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I'm looking for a Flash/Flex component which will create a "popup" editing balloon, similar to, for example, iCal or Google calendar:

Does such a thing exist?

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The Tooltip Control is what you're looking for. You might want to extend the class to allow for more advanced functionality.

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Hrm... That does sort of look like what I want... But it's also really ugly :P I guess there's nothing prettier, though –  David Wolever May 26 '09 at 17:02
You can customize it to look how you want. –  CookieOfFortune May 26 '09 at 17:03

there are fallowing code for balloon popup. Atul Yadav http://techy.limewebs.com

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Canvas xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" width="294" height="104" 
    backgroundAlpha="1.0" backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" borderColor="#1B86D1" 
    borderStyle="solid" creationComplete="DrowLine()">
        import mx.controls.Alert;
        import mx.core.Application;
        import mx.managers.PopUpManager;
        private function OnClose():void{
        private function DrowLine():void{
                var pt:Point = new Point(0, -13);
                var global:Point = Application.application.localToGlobal(pt);
                var origin:Point =global;
                var destination:Point = new Point(150,0);
                var destination1:Point = new Point(50,0);
                var lineThickness:Number = 1;
                var lineColor:Number = 0x1B86D1;
                var lineAlpha:Number = 1;

                var tip:Canvas = new Canvas();



    <mx:TextArea x="10" y="25" width="274" id="txt_message" borderColor="#2487CC"/>
    <mx:Label x="10" y="75" text="Attach:" width="54" fontWeight="bold" color="#000000"/>
    <mx:Button x="58" y="73" label="Browse" cornerRadius="0" borderColor="#288ACF" color="#4DB111"/>
    <mx:Button x="219" y="73" label="Save" id="btn_save" name="btn_save" cornerRadius="0" color="#15AE11" borderColor="#308FD1"/>
    <mx:Image x="272" y="2" width="18" height="18" source="assets/Close.PNG" click="OnClose()"/>

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