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What's the best approach for creating a blank slate view for a UITableView that's visible when the NSFetchedResultsController has no objects, and hidden otherwise?

If I add a subview to the UITableView, I need to position it to align with the tableHeaderView that may change size. And I'm not sure how to use a UITableViewCell as a blank slate without breaking the NSFetchedResultsController logic.

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There are a few options you can use:

  1. If the base class is a UIViewController, add your empty message subview behind the table view and set hidden to YES on the table

  2. If you are using UITableViewController, you can set the tableHeaderView to your empty message view, ensure its height matches the height of the table, and then set scrollEnabled to NO on the table

  3. For either case, you can add a subview to the UITableView and use the UIScrollViewDelegate methods (mainly scrollViewDidScroll:) to keep the view stationary during scrolling.

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