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I have to implement json in ajax and i have used the jar file and write type="json" in my action. But i have lot of functions start with get in my entire project. So when i call json action it call the functions starting with get in my entire project. For remove i found a solution like excludeProperties in struts2. But how it can be used do i need to write all the variables that is to be excluded inside the <param name="excludeProperties"> tag. Also i got another solution like <param name="excludeNullProperties">true</param> code, is this excludeNullProperties itself do the action. Or i need to add it like list all my get functions inside the <param name="excludeProperties"> tag. Please reply i am little bit confused, there is no proper understandable documentation for these properties.

Here is my java Action class

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 * and open the template in the editor.
package com.zoondia.actions;

import com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport;
import com.opensymphony.xwork2.util.logging.Logger;
import com.zoondia.hbmObj.City;
import com.zoondia.Dao.CityDao;
import com.zoondia.Dao.UserDao;
import com.zoondia.hbmObj.Users;
import java.util.List;
 * @author anoop
public class CityList extends ActionSupport { 
    private List<City> cityList;
    private Integer rows = 0;
    private Integer page = 0;
    private Integer total = 0;
    private Integer records = 0;
    private Integer rowNum;
    public List<Users> userList;
    public List<Users> userList1;

    public String getAllcities(){  
        //Count Rows (select count(*) from custumer)
        records = CityDao.getInstance().getCount();
        rows = Integer.parseInt(getText("number.rows.per.page"));
        int to = (getRows() * getPage());
        int from = (getRows() * (getPage()-1));
        cityList = CityDao.getInstance().getAllcity(from,rows);
        total =(int) Math.ceil((double)records / (double)rows);        
        return SUCCESS;
    public String getAllUsers(){
        userList = UserDao.getInstance().getAllUsers();
        return SUCCESS;
    public String getAllUser(){
        userList1 = UserDao.getInstance().getAllUsers();
        return SUCCESS;
    public List<City> getCityList() {
        return cityList;

    public void setCityList(List<City> cityList) {
        this.cityList = cityList;

    public Integer getPage() {
        return page;

    public void setPage(Integer page) {
        this.page = page;

    public Integer getRecords() {
        return records;

    public void setRecords(Integer records) {
        this.records = records;

    public Integer getRows() {
        return rows;

    public void setRows(Integer rows) {
        this.rows = rows;

    public Integer getTotal() {
        return total;

    public void setTotal(Integer total) {
        this.total = total;

    public static Logger getLOG() {
        return LOG;

    public static void setLOG(Logger LOG) {
        ActionSupport.LOG = LOG;

    public Integer getRowNum() {
        return rowNum;

    public void setRowNum(Integer rowNum) {
        this.rowNum = rowNum;

    public List<Users> getUserList() {
        return userList;

    public void setUserList(List<Users> userList) {
        this.userList = userList;

    public List<Users> getUserList1() {
        return userList1;

    public void setUserList1(List<Users> userList1) {
        this.userList1 = userList1;


and my struts.xml is like

<package name="showcase" extends="struts-default,json-default">  

        <action name="" >
            <result name="success">/WEB-INF/index.jsp</result>

        <action name="pagination" class="com.zoondia.actions.CityList" method="getAllcities" >

            <result type="json" >  
               <param name="excludeNullProperties">true</param>                
        <action name="paginationPage" >
            <result name="success"  >/WEB-INF/city.jsp</result>
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you have to explicitly set them in your result type which you want to exclude.You can even take use of regular expressions –  Umesh Awasthi Feb 2 '12 at 15:52
Please post the code of your action, the whole code. We will show you where you are going wrong but for starters the serialization will only work on public methods, second the action should be thought of as a marshalling area for content on the way to the view, as such your action should set it's members to what you'll return. If you instead expose the service layer directly inside a getter especially to something like a database call, you can experience horrible performance issues. If you are using JPA, think I've answered a question about to deal with them since they are proxies. –  Quaternion Feb 2 '12 at 17:29
Without code there is really no more information to provide other than what has already been provided in your last question. –  Quaternion Feb 2 '12 at 17:30

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