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I am new to Dojo Framework.I created one button using dojo constructor and dojo.connect onclick event function i written url and load functions.This url navigating servlet and get the response back.

but i don't want response back i want to send request only.

how to do this..anyone help me.

thanks in advance.

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are you looking to navigate to another page? if so, you can use window.location.href or other approaches to achieve that. See the foll url for other approaches:

JavaScript: Navigate to a new URL without replacing the current page in the history (not window.location)

if you do not want to navigate but just send some data to the server (and dont care about the response), you can just write an empty function for the callback

var deferred = dojo.xhrGet( {
    url : "xxx",
    load: function(data) {

However, it is recommended to always check the response to ensure there were no errors on the server side.

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You could also use dojo.xhrPost to submit your form

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