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I wrote this short test code, but it didn't work.. What am I doing wrong?

 WinGetTitle, Title, A;
 MsgBox, "%Title%"

the result was ""

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You simply need a space in front of the ; for it to work, without the space the ; is taken as part of the windows title – blackholyman Jan 22 '15 at 12:13
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I removed a ; and added return and this worked...

WinGetTitle, title, A
MsgBox, "%title%"
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Thank you! worked perfectly! – Kou Feb 2 '12 at 22:09

If you do not put in a return it will run down your whole file.

Probably something not running through later in it.

Don't think the ; will affect it.

Anything after a ; is omitted from code as a comment.

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Best practice would probably be using WinGetActiveTitle:

WinGetActiveTitle, Title
MsgBox, The active window is "%Title%".
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