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I'm attempting to put a named anchor on a part of our Facebook tab and add "#anchor" to the shared URL so when users click the shared link it will take them directly to the proper content on the tab.

I added to my tab and then recoded the FB Feed Dialog URL so




In testing the dialog displayed an error saying both of these were invalid links:

  • Requires valid redirect URI
  • actions should be a JSON-encoded dictionary with "name" and "link" keys

So I bit.ly'd them which Facebook accepted and you can share the short URL. When users click the shared link though, the correct URL is used (with "#quiz") but the browser does not snap to the anchor location.

Since FB failed on the original URL, I suspect they aren't set up to parse #named anchors in their URLs, but I wanted to put it out to the community and see if someone has made it work (or confirmed it doesn't.)


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URL fragments (the #) can't be read on the server side.

What you can do is use the app_data parameter, which is forwarded to you on the signed_request parameter, parse it accordingly, and have some Javascript to force the jump yourself.

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This looks correct to me--too bad FB does not allow standard named anchors. I found more information on the updated signed_request and the documentation on it. –  Jeremy Schultz Feb 2 '12 at 16:43

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