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I am trying to figure out a way to resize a text area using JQM when the device rotates. Basically, I have a text area that looks good when it loads, whether in portrait or landscape, but when the device is rotated, it does not resize. Here is a bit of what the code looks like:


and the HTML:

 <footer data-role="footer" id="footer" data-theme="b" data-position="fixed">               
            <label class="label-message-entry" for="chatMessageEntry">Enter a message:</label>
            <textarea rows="8" name="textarea" class="message-entry" id="chatMessageEntry"></textarea>
            <a id="chatReplyButton" class="reply-button" data-role="button" data-icon="plus">Reply</a>              
        </footer> <!--end footer--> 

and then the orientationchange event:

$(window).bind( 'orientationchange', function(e){
        var newWidth = $(window).width();
        $('.message-entry').css({'width':newWidth + 'px'});     

any ideas? Thanks!

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Have you tried giving the textarea a min-width within a media query?

@media all and (max-width: 480px) and (min-width: 321px){
@media all and (max-width: 320px){
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What is that syntax? I am just doing this right in the browser using JS, HTML, and CSS – gabaum10 Feb 2 '12 at 17:18
But also, what about iPads and things? The device sizes are never going to be constant, so you can't hardcode min/max widths... – gabaum10 Feb 2 '12 at 17:21
Ok, do you have a live version of your problem to test? – Steve O Feb 3 '12 at 14:14

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