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I am using Qlikveiw version 10.4. I am trying to apply a threshold to Sales amounts in a table chart. Meaning, I want to display Sales above the threshold amount entered in the input box. But also keep the dimensionality of the drill down for the following drill down dimensions... Product Name>Category Name>Supplier Name. LineSalesAmount is an expression.

So I have a chart table...

Product Drilldown group as my dimensions LineSalesAmount (expression)

Apparently in QV v11, there is a new feature added to the chart wizard called dimension limits but how do I apply this same functionality in QV 10.4?

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You should be able to achieve this using set analysis.

If you create a variable called MinSalesAmount and add that to an input box, you should then be able to filter the data in the chart by using a set analysis expression like this:

SUM({<LineSalesAmount={'>$(=MinSalesAmount)'}>} LineSalesAmount)

The chart will then only display records where the LineSalesAmount is greater than the value entered in the Input Box which is mapped to the MinSalesAmount variable.

You can find extensive information on "Set Analysis" in the Qlikview Reference Manual (QlikView Reference Manual.pdf) and the online help within Qlikview.

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