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I am attempting to push a IList to a class that will add in columns for calculated values. In my Calculcations.cs I have:

public IList<Procurement_Items> GetNetProcModel(IList<Procurement_Items> procurementLst)
    IList<Procurement_Items> p = (
        from x in procurementLst
        select new Procurement_Items
            //Load all other columns and data
            KeyCost = x.KeyCost,
            Qty = x.Qty,
            Retail = (GeneralCalculation.GetRetailPrice(Convert.ToInt16(x.UPC_ID))),
            NetGrossMargin = GetNetPerc(
                Cost: (Convert.ToDouble(x.KeyCost)), 
                Retail: (Convert.ToDouble(GeneralCalculation.GetRetailPrice(Convert.ToInt16(x.UPC_ID)))), 
                QTY: (Convert.ToInt16(x.Qty)))
    return (p);

I intend to call it from a Repository or Controller in this fashion:

public IQueryable<Procurement_Items> AllwGM
   get { return GrossMargin.GetNetProcModel(Procurement_Items, (context.Procurement_Items.ToList())); }

The problem is that I can not dynamically add columns to an IList (as we know). The original model does not have Retail or NetGrossMargin as these are calculated and change very dynamically. This makes it difficult to save them at any given time.

What would be the best method to accomplish the passing of the list and adding in the dynamic (temporary) columns?

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To clarify, ILists don't have "columns". Are you saying you want to add properties to the Procurement_Items type at runtime? –  Dan J Feb 2 '12 at 21:08
correct. Sorry for the incorrect information. Was thinking too much in SQL when I wrote the post. –  Bill Mannion Feb 7 '12 at 14:49

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