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I am new to Ruby on Rails and i am working through a few example applications in the O'Reilly Head First Rails book. In one of the examples there is a page made up of three partials. The middle partial is a list of items. There is a link right below this section that, when clicked, should refresh the div containing that partial. The book is running examples based off of Rails 2.3 i believe and i am using Rails 3.1. This is the example that the book is giving me:


map.connect '/flights/:flight_id/seats', :action=>'flight_seats', :controller=>'seats'


def flight_seats
    @flight = Flight.find(params[:flight_id])
    render :partial => "flights/seat_list", :locals => {:seats => @flight.seats}


<div id="seats">
    <%= render :partial=>"seat_list". :locals=>{:seats=>@flight.seats} %>

<$= link_to_remote("Refresh Seats", :url=>"/flights/#{}/seats", method=>"get", :update=>"seats") %>

This example is also using prototype.js since that's what Rails 2.3 came with built in. Rails 3 has jQuery as the default JavaScript library. (not sure if that makes a big difference)

Here is what i have so far. This is getting the contents of the partial correctly, it's just not updating the "seats" div after the AJAX call gets the partial. My code:


match 'flights/:flight_id/seats' => 'seats#flights_seats'


def flights_seats
    @flight = Flight.find(params[:flight_id])

    render :partial => "flights/seat_list", :locals => { :seats => @flight.seats }


<div id="seats">
    <%= render :partial => 'seat_list', :locals => { :seats => @flight.seats } %>

<%= link_to "Refresh Seats", "/flights/#{}/seats", :remote => true %>

Any idea why my <div id="seats"> won't refresh with the updated partial? I'm betting there is but i'll ask anyway, is something wrong with my code?

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:update => "seats" won't work with jQuery. You'll need to write some javascript to handle the AJAX response. There are many examples of Rails3/jQuery/AJAX out there – Wizard of Ogz Feb 2 '12 at 16:51
Ok, so instead of using :update i now have to write my own custom JavaScript to handle the response? Any idea why :update was deprecated in Rails 3? I'm assuming there was a reason. – ryanpitts1 Feb 2 '12 at 17:11
Yes, you need to write your own javascript now, but it's easy to do. This was done to avoid inline javascript, and brittle code in views. – Wizard of Ogz Feb 2 '12 at 19:49
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The :remote => true option is a bit weird if you aren't returning JSON data. You can wrap your HTML in a JSON object, though, which is what I typically do. Or if you want something closer to your existing code something like this should work for you:

<%= link_to "Refresh Seats", "/flights/#{}/seats", :class => "refresh-seats" %>

In your javascript somewhere:

$(document).delegate(".refresh-seats", "click", function(e){
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That works great! Thanks for the example code. There was one minor flaw though. ;) You forgot the # before seats in your selector. Thanks for the help....i've been learning that there is a lot that has changed with Rails 3+. – ryanpitts1 Feb 2 '12 at 21:04
Cool, I'm glad it worked, and I updated my answer to fix the syntax error. – Wizard of Ogz Feb 2 '12 at 22:29

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