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I have a few HTTP/PHP servers fronted by an Apache/mod_proxy_balancer load balancer, with a typical cluster setup as below:

<Proxy balancer://mycluster>

My question: is there a way to configure Apache such that some specific requests can be sent to all members of the cluster instead of being the standard proxied to one?

I ask because each member in my cluster uses a local data cache based on XCache. Each member has a http-accessible script to unset specific cache item on itself. On some rare events, I need to clear the same cache entry on all servers.

I could make a separate bash/curl script to hit each server in sequence, but since the cluster definition is in my httpd.conf, it'd be easier to not have to copy it somewhere else, and also, I'm hoping to retain a curl-able endpoint on the load balancer itself to do a global cache clearing.

Note: I am not asking about memcache. I'm already using memcache for other things, where servers need to have synchronized storage. In this case I use Xcache for almost-persistent, no-sync-required, data caching.

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i think you will need to send this to the members manually, there does not seem to be a documented way to do this with Apache itself. –  centic Jan 27 '13 at 11:30

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