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I am on a windows machine with an xterm remotely displayed from my Linux server where I run many tmux sessions. I have everything setup so that my mouse works in both tmux and vim on that first server (where the tmux session resides), however when I ssh to a second Linux server within a tmux session the mouse stops working in vim. Does anyone have a clue to why this happens or how I can fix it?

I am using tmux-1.5 and vim 7.3. All my settings files are the same between the Linux servers since my home directory is mapped between them.

Edit: After looking more into this it only seems that the vim split re-sizing is affected. I can still set the cursor position or select text with the mouse.

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I seemed to have solved the problem. It appears to be the ttymouse setting in vim. I had it set to xterm and xterm2 seems to have fixed the problem.

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Interesting... I had to always set ttymouse to "xterm2" when I was using gnu screen, but when I switched to tmux, mouse stopped working, and I just found that switching back to "xterm" got it working again. – haridsv Jan 22 '13 at 12:59

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