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Say that I had a rather complex formatted header for a jQuery UI accordion, lets say something like this:

<div id="list-accordion">
  <div class="list-accordion-header">
    <span class="list-thumb-container">
      <a href="someplace_thumb.jpg" title="some title" class="group1">
        <img src="somplace_large.jpg" />
    <div class="list-basic-details">
      The basic explanation comes here
  <div class="list-extra-detail">
    All the rest of the information in the panel of the accordion

Would it then be possible to apply the accordion header look and feel to the entire header, so to the div with class .list-accordion-header, but make it only work, in other words only open the .list-extra-detail div below it, when one certain element within the header is clicked? In this case, the div with .list-basic-details. Mind you, I would like to keep the link around the image alive for its own purpose, without triggering the accordion.

Currently I have the accordion working in this way, with the whole of the header active, which I would like to change:

        icons: false ,
        autoHeight : false ,
        active: false ,
        header: '.list-accordion-header' ,
        collapsible: true


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I've solved this issue by thinking in a different pattern. I still use the whole of the header to click and open the pane, except that I block that click if it is on a certain element inside the header. In this case, the thumb. So, when somebody clicks the thumb, the accordion stays closed.

For a full description of this different approach to my problem, have a look here: jQuery ColorBox pluging within an UI accordion header

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