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I have a maven project in the latest version of Netbeans but due to an undetermined problem with my environment/maven setup I have to build the project from the command line using gmake as building with mvn clean install comes up with a lot of errors.

So, I was wondering as I'm building from the command line, when using netbeans to run the project/main class, how can I just run it without it building/compiling first - i.e. every time I right click the main class and select run file - its will say - 'Building...' - can I just run the file without building/compiling?


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Not found a way to run this in Netbeans, but as a workaround am running the project from the command line using:

mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="com.rory.djgx.server.Main"

Just need to ensure this is executed in the root directory of the compiled classes (.class), e.g. com/rory/djgx and that the pom.xml is in this root directory.

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If you want to just run the Build / Compile have an option to use all the powers of the Build Phases, as Validate, Build, Test, Package, Integration, Test, Verify, Install or Deploy. To do this you must:

-Right Click on Project -> Custom -> Goals ...

-In the Goals you can choose the more specifically option choice to build whatever you want, like Compile, Deploy, etc...

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Could you please explain it further? Every time I run maven project from Netbeans it has to build first. Even with no changes, I just can't only re-run it. Could I skip building with your solution? – Samuel Oct 22 '13 at 14:46

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