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I have a string I'm writing to the screen one character at a time. The string is supposed to be printed on three lines and I tried to do this using the \n line break but the whole string still appears on one line. What am I doing wrong?


<div id="content" class="termFont" align="left">
<p class="caption"></p><p class="cursor">|</p>

<script type="text/javascript">
var captionLength = 0;
var caption = "Greetings Professor Falken\n\nA strange game. The only winning move is not to play.\n\nHow about a nice game of chess?";

function cursorAnimation()
    opacity: 0
  }, "fast", "swing").animate(
    opacity: 1
  }, "fast", "swing");

 setInterval ( "cursorAnimation()", 600 );

function blinkingCursor()

function type()
  $('p.caption').html(caption.substr(0, captionLength++));
  if(captionLength < caption.length+1)
    setTimeout("type()", 50);
    captionLength = 0;
    caption = "";
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Add a <br> to the string instead of "\n". HTML generally doesn't care about whitespace (unless styled so as to do so).

Also when you call setTimeout() do it like this:

setTimeout(type, 50);

Using a string can cause all sorts of weird problems and it's rarely necessary.

edit — as to my comment about styling the HTML, you could probably add "white-space: pre" to the CSS for the "caption" element. Then your newlines would be obeyed.

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Ahh thanks got it :) – RapsFan1981 Feb 2 '12 at 17:27

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