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Strategy for p:fileDownload with dialog with loading

I am trying to make a loading bar after starting the download of a file. My download button is like this:

<p:commandButton id="btnFirstType"
             value="Download File"
    <p:fileDownload value="#{mbean.myFile}"/>

<p:dialog modal="true" 
        <p:graphicImage value="/loading.gif" />  

And my MBean is like this:

public StreamedContent getMyFile(){
     return this.getReport(Type.CSV); //I assure this works, debugged...

The problem is, after clicking the download button, if I start the loading dialog, the download doesn't occurr. I thought about using p:poll to check a boolean variable so I know when the file has been generated, so I could show the dialog after clicking the button (like setting setTimeout with JavaScript), but this is maybe my mistake about how the whole thing happens. Any other suggestion?

PS1: Polling stops working after the file is downloaded, so I won't know when to close the dialod

PS2: I am using Primefaces 2.2 and can't update.

PS3: Found this workaround but 'it will' be on version 3, so I can't use it.

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I did the same as suggested in the workaround posted on my question. I downloaded the primefaces sources from my version, changed the FileDownloadActionListener class, added cookies in the response object and in my page I just started a process with setTimeout that would check cookies every 100 miliseconds, and when find it, delete it.

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