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I am populating Employee Data in JTable using Netbeans. I want to add Radiobutton in each row, so that user can select any row and can perform actions like Update/Delete,etc. Here is my code for TableModel:

    DefaultTableModel model = new DefaultTableModel();

    model.setColumnIdentifiers(new String[] {"Select","Employee ID","Name","Surname","Birth Place","Genre","Home","Marital Status","Phone","Age","Department"});
    con = DriverManager.getConnection ("jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/"+database,"root","123456");
    Statement s = con.createStatement ();
    s.executeQuery ("SELECT * FROM Employee");
    ResultSet rs = s.getResultSet ();
    rs.next ();
    String eid = rs.getString ("emp_no");
    String name = rs.getString ("name");
    String surname = rs.getString ("surname");
    String pbirth = rs.getString ("place_birth");
    String genre = rs.getString ("genre");
    String home = rs.getString ("home");
    String mstatus = rs.getString ("marital_status");
    String ph = rs.getString ("phone");
    int age = rs.getInt ("age");
    String dept = rs.getString ("department");
    for(int i=0;i<30;i++)
    model.addRow(new Object[] {?,eid, name, surname, pbirth, genre, home, mstatus, ph, age, dept});
    catch (Exception e){


In first column of every row i want to insert a radiobutton. Please suggest me. thanks.

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You have to implement TableCellEditor and override getTableCellEditorComponent like this

public java.awt.Component getTableCellEditorComponent(JTable table, Object value, boolean isSelected, int row, int column)

            return new JRadioButton();

Hope this helps

EDIT: You can write like this

this.jTable1.getColumnModel().getColumn(0).setCellEditor(new javax.swing.table.TableCellEditor(){
    public java.awt.Component getTableCellEditorComponent(javax.swing.JTable table, java.lang.Object value, boolean isSelected, int row, int column) {
        return new javax.swing.JRadioButton();

    public java.lang.Object getCellEditorValue() {
return null;//Here you can return the radio button status

    public boolean isCellEditable(java.util.EventObject anEvent) {
        return false; //uneditable cell

    public boolean shouldSelectCell(java.util.EventObject anEvent) {
        return false;

    public boolean stopCellEditing() {
        return true;

    public void cancelCellEditing() {       

    public void addCellEditorListener(javax.swing.event.CellEditorListener l) {

    public void removeCellEditorListener(javax.swing.event.CellEditorListener l) {


You can take out the cell editor implementation to a separate class.

Also you have to set the flags accordingly to your requirement.

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Hi can you tell in my code context that how should I call this method? –  Coder2599 Feb 2 '12 at 18:41
@RaviG I never saw good and correct Renderer/Editor for JRadioButton, notice maybe my bad that I want to implements JRadioButton in the ButtonGroup –  mKorbel Feb 2 '12 at 18:50
@NidaSulheri Have a look at my edit. –  Ravindra Gullapalli Feb 2 '12 at 18:51
@mKorbel You may add these radio buttons explicitely to the ButtonGroup? –  Ravindra Gullapalli Feb 2 '12 at 18:58
@NidaSulheri Finally could do that and is availabe Here. I took help and reference from Java2S –  Ravindra Gullapalli Feb 2 '12 at 20:47

I'd suggest

  1. change JRadioButton to JCheckBox, because JCheckBox in the JTable respresents only Boolean value

  2. don't use generated code from NetBeans, write code by your hands

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Ok, I will have no problem in using checkboxes, but atleast give me some code to add checkboxes to jtable first column !!! I have customized tablemodel(as you can see in above code), that means that I am writing table code by my hands... –  Coder2599 Feb 2 '12 at 18:32
@Nida Sulheri please I linked tutorial there not for joking from your person, follows examples from tutorial, 3quaters of them contains JCheckBox in the JTable –  mKorbel Feb 2 '12 at 18:47

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