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how can I possibly add a value to a 2 dimensional dynamic arrays?

String emp[][] = {

I try this code

int arrLen = emp.lenght;
emp[arrLen][0] = "003"
emp[arrLen][1] = "Superwoman"
emp[arrLen][2] = "QC"
emp[arrLen][3] = "123-1233"
emp[arrLen][4] = "03-12-2012"
emp[arrLen][5] = "Female"
emp[arrLen][6] = "Supervisor"
emp[arrLen][7] = "10,000"
emp[arrLen][8] = "Regular"

but it doesnt work

can anyone help me?


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Java arrays have fixed length. If you want resizable array use ArrayList.


ArrayList<String[]> list = new ArrayList<String[]>();
list.add(new String[]{"Superman","Manda","..."});
list.add(new String[]{"Superwoman","Manda","..."});
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Is there a 2D ArrayList? –  user1033600 Feb 2 '12 at 18:34
There isn't, but you can use ArrayList<ArrayList<Person>> - you can do the nesting without needing a nested type –  G. Bach Feb 2 '12 at 18:35
No, but if number of columns is fixed you can use ArrayList of arrays: ArrayList<String[]>. –  Banthar Feb 2 '12 at 18:36
how can I loop those value? –  user1033600 Feb 2 '12 at 19:02
THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) IT IS WORKING NOW –  user1033600 Feb 2 '12 at 19:10

You can't add to an array - after creation, the size is fixed. You should consider using a List<E> implementation such as ArrayList... ideally having created a type to encapsulate this information better than just an array of strings. It looks like you've got dates, names, numeric values etc in there - why not use that information?

For example:

List<Person> people = new ArrayList<Person>();
people.add(new Person(1, "Superman", "Manda", new TelephoneNumber("123-1233"),
           new LocalDate(1970, 14, 2), Gender.MALE,
           "Manager", 20000, SalaryType.REGULAR);
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You have a typo


Also, statements have to end in


Finally, what your actual problem is: the length of an array is fixed at creation; array[array.length] will always point outside the array.

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The array.length returns a number that is 1 higher than your index.

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Array objects are of fixed size. You can allocate a new, larger String[][] object and move the subarrays over to it -- i.e.,

String[][] tmp = new String[emp.length + 1][];
for (int i=0; i<emp.length; ++i)
   tmp[i] = emp[i];
emp = tmp;

After this, there's an empty spot at the end of your main array. Fill it with

emp[emp.length-1] = new String[] {"003", ...};
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You have two big issues with your current code.

1) Arrays aren't dynamic, and have fixed size. You should instead use the ArrayLists data structure, where you can add values.

2) Your array.Length returns some length n, but your array is indexed from 0 to (n-1). Hence, referencing to the length, will give you an index out of bounds exception.

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