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I have a ruby script that I will use quite often, so I would like to be able to run it directly from the terminal, i.e. just open the terminal and type the name of the script like I would with ls, chmod or any other default command. I don't want to use cd to get to the script and I don't want invoke Ruby. I would simply like to type the name of the script with its argument and get the result.

Is it possible? If yes, where do I put the script? How do I tell OSX that it should treat it as one of its own default commands?

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Yes, you can. Ruby should be installed on you Mac, lets say in /usr/bin/ruby.



puts 'Hello world'

Save script under some name, e.h. test.ruby. Execute:

chmod +x test.ruby

Add the directory your script is in to your PATH. Done!

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