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How can I use Ant to create zip containing all the files and nested directories inside some root directory, but exclude the top-level directory itself from the zip.

For example, say I have this file structure:


I want the zip to contain splat, and wheee inside /bar, but I don't want all that to be contained inside a 'foo' directory. In other words, unzipping this into /honk should not create a foo directory; splat and bar should end up at the root of /honk.

I'm currently using this (extraneous details removed):

<zip destfile="${zipfile}" basedir="" includes="${distRoot}/**/*.*" />

What kind of fileset select can replace that 'includes' spec to achieve this?

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does a nested <fileset dir="foo" includes="**/*" /> instead of the includes tag help? Or basedir="foo" includes="**/*" – mihi Feb 2 '12 at 18:48
+1 for mihi's comment, and see also: -- it describes how to use fileset as nested elements in zip task. – coolcfan Feb 3 '12 at 6:50
Thanks guys, this does exactly what I need I think, will check more thoroughly when I have time: <zip destfile="${zipfile}" basedir="${distRoot}" includes="**/*" />. @mihi, if you make that an answer, I'll mark it correct. – enigment Feb 3 '12 at 12:51

It's not dynamic, but using the fullpath attribute allows you to define the path struture of the zip file. See ant documentation:

<zip destfile="">
    <zipfileset fullpath="splat.js" dir="foo" includes="splat.js"/>
    <zipfileset fullpath="bar/wheee.css" dir="foo/bar" includes="wheee.css"/>

This may get you want you want dynamically. It should pull in everything in the foo dir then zip it up. It's just a few extra steps.

<mkdir dir="DirToBeZipped"/>
<copy todir="DirToBeZipped">
    <fileset dir="foo" includes="*"/>
<zip destfile="" basedir="DirToBeZipped"/>
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