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It is pretty clear to me that LGPL work can be used within LGPL or GPL licensed application. My question is weather I can use GPL licensed application within LGPL.

The purpose of asking this question is that I want to use some GPL license code for some project but didn't want to open source everything. I just want to opensource the library that just related to that GPL application. Other part of my application could be remain in closed environment.

I am also interested in any legal issue that I could face?

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You should do the Free Software licensing quiz, you can only use GPL'ed code in another work if you fullfill the obligations, which normally means that the other work is distributed under the terms of the GPL as well (copyleft). So not only the library but the whole application is becoming open source.

About any legal issues that you could face, you should consult your lawyer. Generally the GPL/LGPL has a termination clause, which means you loose all rights (depends on the version of the license as well). Could result that you would need to negotiate over re-instatement of rights with the original author(s) first before you can make use of the (L)GPL'ed software ever again.

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Since GPL is a copyleft license so no matter how you use the software under GPL license, if a single line of code from the GPL is copied to your code base then your entire software will come under GPL license. So be careful before using copyleft license like GPL, spleepy cat.

Regarding the oligations

The risk involved with the usage of this kind of software is that you might have to pay a huge amount of compensation to the developer of the open source software which you have used or you will br forced to release your software under GPL license which means that you will be forced to share your software in public. any more question about the open source usage feel free to ask through jiten147@gmail.com

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