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Possible Duplicate:
Country, State, Province WebService?

This "orignal" link only shows web services or places I can get lists to insert manually. Does anyone know of a library / built in class / dll that wouldn't require hitting another server for the data and not require manual entry of each state?

I am currently adding support for Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, (and potentially more soon) to an ASP.NET website. The user can input their physical address including their state via drop down list. I currently have the US states added manually like:

states.Add(new ListItem("Alabama", "AL"));
states.Add(new ListItem("Alaska", "AK"));
etc ...

Before I go ahead and start manually creating lists for the additional countries, is there some pre-built class or library out there that can give me a list of states by passing it a country code? Example: someClass.getStatesFor("BR"); // would return a list/collection of states for Brazil.

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Would a web service be acceptable? – M.Babcock Feb 2 '12 at 18:49
Maxmind is also a good resource. – Lloyd Feb 2 '12 at 19:01
As an aside: not all countries consider their equivalent to "states" as an important part of an address. That is, if a website made me fill out a drop box with a province for my country as a required field I'd close the site on account of it being annoying. – millimoose Feb 3 '12 at 2:39
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You may find the data you need on State information is referred to as administrative subdivision.

This data is available as a webservice, but you may also download it. The data description can be found on this page:

There are components for various languages, but I think those are to access the web services.

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For the foreign Country codes go to this site it has them in text abbrev format this could also help you..

Country Codes Text

here is an example of what the site will show you can cut and paste this into excel or store it into your own DB AL Albania BR Brazil BS Bahamas BT Bhutan BV Bouvet Island BW Botswana BY Belarus BZ Belize CA Canada CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands

*Keep in mind that you will have to do a Check probably for Culture or region because for example AL = Alabama as well as Albania

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