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Try to load native library (lib.dll) to Java application via BridJ on Windows 7, where username is written in Hebrew. What is important Java app downloads lib.dll and save it properly in place:


I have reference to that file -> File lib, and pass lib.getCanonicalPath() to BridJ.

In the end I see exception

Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Library 'LIB' was not found in path
(failed to load C:\Users\???\AppData\Local\Temp\lib.dll)
at org.bridj.BridJ.getNativeLibrary(BridJ.java:619)
at org.bridj.BridJ.getNativeLibrary(BridJ.java:619)
at org.bridj.BridJ.getNativeLibrary(BridJ.java:599)
at org.bridj.BridJ.getNativeLibrary(BridJ.java:315)
at org.bridj.CRuntime.getNativeLibrary(CRuntime.java:341)
at org.bridj.CRuntime.register(CRuntime.java:299)
... 21 more

So it seems that, getCanonicalPath converts דני to ???. How can i solve that ?

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This bug looks similar to the following issue, which was fixed yesterday :


You might want to try again with the latest 0.7-SNAPSHOT.

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