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I want to develope an android app using android 4.0 API level, in my application i want ti implement RFID features can anyone give me the idea or any code snippet regarding RFID feature implementation in android application.

Thanks to All

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You can develop Android application using NFC (RFID-like technology). More about NFC API here: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/nfc/index.html

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You should try to get Professional Android Sensor programing e-book it explains how to implement lots of sensors including RFID, geolocation and lots of other stuff that might be helpfull.

Hope it helped.

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Have a look at Nordic Id STIX uhf rfid reader.You can connect it to your phone using USB Ports. They will provide you SDK for Application development. Link : http://www.nordicid.com/eng/products/?group=7

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