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In a elipse-rcp application I am setting the background color for a row in a jface table but I don't want the selection to change this color. I want to be able to specify the color change for a selected row.

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According to this thread, for JFace Viewers (ListViewer, Table, Tree) by means of using EraseItem and MeasureItem events

General principle detailed in the article "Custom Drawing Table and Tree Items"

SWT.EraseItem: allows a client to custom draw a cell's background and/or selection, and to influence whether the cell's foreground should be drawn

alt text

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Thanks VonC. Using the code from the above example I was able to do what I wanted. –  ks. May 27 '09 at 16:51
table.addListener(SWT.EraseItem, new Listener() {
public void handleEvent(Event event) {
	event.detail &= ~SWT.HOT;
	if ((event.detail & SWT.SELECTED) == 0) return; /// item not selected

	Table table =(Table)event.widget;
	TableItem item =(TableItem)event.item;
	int clientWidth = table.getClientArea().width;

	GC gc = event.gc;				
	Color oldForeground = gc.getForeground();
	Color oldBackground = gc.getBackground();

	gc.fillRectangle(0, event.y, clientWidth, event.height);

	event.detail &= ~SWT.SELECTED;


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@ks: thank you for that feedback. +1. You could choose your own post as the official answer if you want –  VonC May 27 '09 at 17:33

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