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I'm creating a script to auto generate an RSS feed for the various sections of my website. I've queried by database and have an array of data which represents each section called $showData. I'm using a switch statement to setup various variables depending upon the section of the site. Instead of having to change this script each time I add a show, I'd like the case in my switch statement to be dynamic.

    case 'show1':
        $title = $showData['show1'] . ' Title';
        $description = $showData['show1'] . ' Description';
    case 'show2':
        $title = $showData['show2'] . ' Title';
        $description = $showData['show2'] . ' Description';

I attempted to use a foreach loop to create each case, but you can't put that inside a switch statement. Someone else in another post I read suggested using eval().

Here's my code that I tried, that doesn't work.

    foreach($showFilters as $key => $value){
        case $key:
        $title = $value;
        $description = $value;

Here's a print_r of the array

    [show1] => The Name of Show One
    [show2] => The Name of Show Two
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Instead of using a switch block, could you not just try:

$title = $showData[$section] . ' Title';
$description = $showData[$section] . ' Description';
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The beauty of the outside perspective, thanks! My original rebuttal was going to be about how some cases required special treatment, in those cases, I just used a switch to overwrite the variables previously defined. – Patrick Robert Shea O'Connor Feb 2 '12 at 19:43

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