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I have a nullable boolean input parameter with the following expression in my textbox:


and I am trying to display this based on the value of Sorted input parameter

Null = "All"

True = "Sorted"

False = "Unsorted"

I have also tried the following switch statement without any luck:


Each time when the report renders I receive the following error:

The value expression for the textbox ‘textbox7’ contains an error: Input string was not in a correct format.

I am using VS2003 and SSR Designer v 8.0

Edit #1: Per request

<ReportParameter Name="Sorted">

Is this the code you were requesting?

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Okay, I think your problem may be that your DataType is Boolean, and you are specifying a blank value. You cannot do that.

Instead, try to specify the keyword Nothing:

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Thanks Jon, after switching the evaluation to 'nothing' on both the iif() & Switch() method both returned the desired results. Thanks Again! –  Neomoon May 26 '09 at 19:25

If it is a Boolean type parameter it's not semantically correct to check it as if it were a string.

You can use IsNothing(Parameters!Sorted.Value) to check for a null and then Parameters!Sorted.Value = True (without the quotes) for the second case.

I'll admit I didn't fire up Visual Studio to check if it normally is okay with treating Boolean parameters as if they were a string, but the error you're getting sounds as such. That error is usually thrown by Parse methods, like if you do Int32.Parse("34.32"), or so I seem to recall. I'm guessing RS is doing an automatic parse so that the datatypes match and the equality operator can do its magic.

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Why not change the logic to test explicitly for True or False and then drop through to "All"? And without worrying about string, True vs "true" etc

=iif(Parameters!Sorted.Value,"Sorted",iif(NOT(Parameters!Sorted.Value), "Unsorted","All"))

(Can't test and hope NOT is correct :-)

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