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I am parsing some text in Ruby that contains Unicode character that I would like to transcribe to ASCII values in one output file and HTML encoding in another. Is there a simple way of spitting out the non-ASCII characters found in a file? For example:

\u00A0 #should become a " " in the text text file, but   in the html output file

I'm going to manually transcribe them based upon my needs and would like to output a list of unique characters I'll need to transcribe from my initial input file.


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There's a method that helps to extract the characters found in your string:

# => ["f", "o", "o", " ", "b", "a", "r"]

Since some of these characters may be multi-byte UNICODE characters you might want to expand that into bytes as well, to be more thorough:

"foo\u00A0bar".chars.to_a.collect { |c| [ c, c.bytes.to_a ] }
# => [["f", [102]], ["o", [111]], ["o", [111]], [" ", [194, 160]], ["b", [98]], ["a", [97]], ["r", [114]]]

The array breaks down the specific bytes used to construct that character. In this case the non-breaking space shows up as " " but is actually [194, 160] internally.

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